Source video by Reishabh Kailey, based on the poem Tide Pools by Uvika Wahi

About the team

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The high frequency of light intertwines with the low frequency of an audio. The wave length represents and evolves as a pattern forming collective choreographies.Through the bodies of the audience the movement in a wave like format is played by our installations and embodied within the space. works consists of latest and experimental technologies, storytelling, embodied interaction, immersive and experiential design, audio, visuals and light to enhance multisensorial collective engagement.

We offer mobile exhibition concept that consists of 4-6 immersive and interactive installations.
The past- > Flux Island Exhibition at Vuotalo
Near Future> Kotka Light Art Festival / confirmed.

Workshops We are professional educators and lectures on new media content and interactive digital art. We provide workshops for all ages under the
topics of DIY electronics, creative coding and generative audiovisual art inter alia. We are open to negotiate the final content with festival organisers. The workshops were and are part of the concept in Vuotalo and Kotka Light Festival.

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